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Importance of Motivation in Learning

Learning in a dynamic process that needs to be carefully guided and motivated to achieve the desired results for the learner. The most essential aim of motivation is to encourage and accelerate learning. The objective and significance of motivation must be clearly understood by the educator.

Learning must be continuously supported by motivation so that the learner remains engaged with learning. Level of motivation defines the level of readiness of the learner, greater the readiness, sooner will be the achievement of desired results. It is of vital significance to ensure that the learner is in a state of readiness all the time. The readiness improves the alertness, enthusiasm, and dedication for learning.

The purpose or motivation that draws strongly one individual may have little or no effect on another individual. The purpose or motivation that may appeal strongly to one individual at one stage may not appeal so strongly at another stage.

The educator must be in a state of ever alertness to recognize these fluctuations and patterns. All learners do not respond alike, the motivation of learning would vary for different individuals. An understanding of the nature of motivation is vital, as motivation determines, the continuity and intensity of the efforts towards learning.

Motivation for learning helps the learner to concentrate on what one is doing, and this brings satisfaction to learner. Motivation is continuously needed to help learners in improving the concentration and achieving the desired results, which may mean learning a new subject, language, or concept.

The effectiveness of learning is a function of strength of the needs and the satisfaction it brings. It has been proven several times that the rate of learning depends upon the strength of the motivation.

A strong motivation drives stronger efforts, sets learning in motion, sustains and directs it. It is interconnected with the stimulation of interest in learning.

A motivated learner directs one’s interest towards the specific objective to be achieved, once achieved, satisfaction is felt. This satisfaction is used to drive further learnings.

Learning must be motivated in such a way that interest in the lesson to be learned is created upon the learner’s existing interest.

Motivation is the core of all learning.




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