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To Make Learning An Equation Not An Event

Our mission and vision statement. All our efforts, workflows and solutions derive inspiration from it. In our experience 'training' has not been able to fulfil its potential as an advantage for its organization. We are taking strides in this direction through this statement.

When I first met Anand, we got into a fight. And now he is my partner and a colleague. He is the brains of the organization, responsible for insightful content, stunningly beautiful designs and also the reason why I have to keep installing new fonts. His extensive experience in the industry enables him to develop novel and customized solutions for our clients.

A curiously creative designing writer, his outlook towards life is grounded in the meaning of his name. Currently he is either in a book store or scribbling on the whiteboard.

Dr. Rajesh Mohan Rai


Master Coach


HR Strategist


Fight! Oh yeah. I needed an email confirmation to take prints not a verbal, Delhi people I say. Jokes apart it is a distinct honor to be your colleague and partner. 


He is the wisdom bank & practical guy of the organization, responsible for seamless execution of solutions, delivering return on investment and the reason why I have documents titled presentation_final_newfinal_lastfinal.

His massive experience, depth of knowledge enables him to deliver engaging, insightful and result oriented sessions. The many awards and honours are a testament of his capability. A humble being with a passion for learning even at his age, have you seen his certifications.


Currently he is either in a session or getting a new certification.

Anand Kulkarni


Head Content & Design


Master Font Changer

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