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  • Writer's pictureDr. Rajesh Mohan Rai

The Centre of Spirituality Lies in Nature

Article originally published in Free Press Journal.

Nature has an innate ability to be infused with spirituality. Jungles, open water bodies, lakes, rivers, hills and mountains, invoke a serene feeling of divine and inspire a sense of admiration. These are a few natural resources that we often use to connect with our inner core.

We get several opportunities in our lifetime to learn from nature the skill of creating a fine balance between opposing forces. Spirituality, the experience of one’s own inner core, nature deep within, provides the key to this critical relationship with oneself, with others around us and with our own environment.

Many spiritual gurus believe that when we around nature, we are more alert and aware, leading to heightened mindfulness for ourselves. Being in nature improves mindful awareness, it also improves the balance between body and mind. It makes us feel relaxed. It magnifies many folds the depth in our relationship with nature.

Practising spirituality in a peaceful, natural environment provides opportunities for deepening our spirituality and nurturing our relationship with nature’s creations including self.

Our own vision or understanding of nature and spirituality depends upon our worldview. We become more conscious of our worldview when something strange or shocking happens to us– when an incident, event or accident disrupts our daily routines.

Emotionally powerful/ draining life events makes us ponder fundamental questions about ourselves and the world around us. These events provide us with the opportunity to reflect on our worldview, question it, and help us either to modify it or affirm it. Exploring our worldview puts us in close touch with our deep beliefs that constitute our spirituality.

We human beings co-relate spirituality and nature in different ways. We think nature and spirituality are equally ‘sacred’, and to experience the sacredness, we bask in nature. In different religions across the globe, nature plays a key role in respective rituals and beliefs. Hence, it proves that the key to attaining spirituality lies in nature!


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