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Benefits and joys of meditating in nature.

Article originally published in Free Press Journal.

You are fortunate if you are able to spend time with nature taking time from your busy schedule. Meditating in nature is the most apt and recommended way to rejuvenate yourself. That may be the most suitable explanation of people going for meditation retreats to either mountains or in the forests i.e. to be with nature. Meditation in nature stimulates us, making the meditation more mindful and soulful as the common distractions are completely absent from the scene.

Many spiritual gurus believe that when we meditate in nature, we are more alert and aware, leading to heightened mindfulness for ourselves. Being in nature improves mindful awareness, it also improves the body-mind balance. It makes us feel relaxed. It is a peaceful experience. It promotes the depth in our relationship with nature.

With the increase in mindfulness, there is always a reduction in stress and depression on account of better control and regulation of stress-related hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Meditation in nature allows us to be aware of the negative emotions, accept them, regulate them recognize the patterns and apply consequential thinking, a better way to cope with stress and depression management if any. Being in the nature sets in the superlative atmosphere to use our senses with open awareness.

It has been proven several times, that meditation in nature brings in several physiological and biochemical benefits to human metabolism some of them are increase energy, improved emotional control, better regulated blood pressure leading to improved cardiovascular health.

Meditating in nature is the ideal medicine available to us to re-energize by being away from the hustle of our daily life. It is an experience that definitely influences our mental clarity. For mediation with nature, our body is in full synchronization with the earth vibrations enhancing our senses.

Don’t wait for a special occasion to be with nature and meditate. Make it a part of your regular life. Practice meditation at home. Create your own garden at a place, say balcony, backyard, which you may use regularly for meditation.



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