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All Our Programs follow the Equation Methodology

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Leader's Equation

Leaders are born and not made.

Yeah! we dont believe that.

Explore our leadership philosophy.

(Coming Soon).

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence implemented with compassion and wisdom spurs leaders, and their organization to superior performance.


Growth Acceleration

Nothing is as agonizing as growing at a slow pace. Discover you growth talents and turn them into accelerators.

Leadership Assessment

Leader's growth is in proportion to his awareness of his strengths and weakness. Discover tools which achieve this. 

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A program for first time managers, which focuses on competencies essential; Lead Self, Lead Performance & Lead Teams.

Innovation By Design

Don't wait for the apple to fall on your head or for the flash of inspiration. Innovate by design.


Presentation Equation

Learn to design a story, visualise the story and communicate stories to persuade others.

Productivity Equation

Design effective routines to achieve your goals and regulate urgencies, all the while maintaining healthy level of energy.

Managing Change

Change decisions are taken by top, but is implemented by mid. Learn to manage change.

Strategic Thinking

In order to make transition from manager to leader one needs to have a strategic mindset.

Coaching for Managers

Develop, improve and guide your team's performance through the important function of coaching.

High Performance Teams

Every group is not a team. Most are not. Build high performing teams that achieve great results.

Interviewing Skills

Recruit people through a step by step scientific process rather than gut feeling.

Performance Feedback

Equip managers with the necessary skillset to provide effective feedback to improve performance.

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