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Spiritual Leadership and Employee Effectiveness

Article originally published in Free Press Journal.

Spiritual leadership is a finely balanced blend of natural and spiritual qualities utilised for positively influence people at work to accomplish organisational objectives. Spiritual leadership if applied in letter and spirit can give results of the highest standards and supports the employees reach their highest effectiveness.

The spiritual leader has a clear vision on where to reach and how to reach and how to take people along so that they are effectiveness improves as the employees align to the big picture. They communicate well and tell in clear terms what is expected of the employees and the leader is still grounded to the present moment, a concept of detached attachment. The efforts are also appreciated by the leader.

The spiritual leader is able to visualise and help the employees visualise the same future. The leader leads from the front and by example. The gap between what the leader preaches, and practices are practically nil. What is in for me is clear to every employee in the organisation leading to improved engagement and better productivity and higher effectiveness. Leading by example, the entire lifetime is a big challenge, that is the difference between a spiritual leader and other leaders.

Integrity is never compromised by a spiritual leader. It is the core of Spiritual Leadership. The leader ensures that all areas of our lives are aligned and are in the same direction. No Intrapersonal conflict is fuelled by the leader. Integrity is established by making and keeping promises and commitments. Integrity is not about perfection. It is about consistency in life. Employees shall not follow a leader who lacks integrity. This establishes the trust between the leader and the employees in an organisation.

Spiritual leaders empower the employees and not control them. They encourage the employees to have faith in their strengths and take action. They see their success and achievements in the success and achievement of their employees and team members. The leader is not perfect but a “Work in Progress” towards perfection.

Spiritual leadership is not a hierarchical level. The spiritual leadership approach leans on the quality of life of the individual leader. The attributes are a combination of character, maturity, skill and track record. The leader who has all these characteristics would have impacted the employees’ morale positively which in turn impacts the effectiveness.



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