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How to deal with negativity in your life.

We must accept the reality that there is a lot going on in the world today. Every day something or the other is happening, which is traumatizing, terrorizing, or heartbreaking and we all are witnesses to it. While it is normal to feel the emotions that come with these events, it is always helpful to learn how to respond and cope with these negative emotions in a positive and hopeful way.

Sometimes we can get into a place where we think that our lives don’t matter, in the massive scheme of the world, but especially in these dark times, it is important to remember how important, valuable, and special you are. Every one of us can make a difference in this world, we just have to be confident and realize our own magnificence. If you are feeling bogged down with negativity in your life, in the world including on social media, you need to shift your viewpoint, regroup, and be that wonderful light you are. Few tips to deal with Negativity in life.

1. We are incredibly social beings, and we pick up the energy and vibes from those we spend time with. Take a scan of your social circle and honestly evaluate if they are positive influences. Cut ties, delete (online), disconnect from people who are consistently negative, rather it is a must. Be selective with who you surround yourself with (in-person and online).

2. We can’t control what goes on around us or in the world, what we can manage is what and how we expose ourselves to. Limit the time you spend watching or reading the news, being in negative situations, or even surfing the web. Give yourself something positive like going for a walk, taking a nap, yoga or meditating. Set boundaries and limits for negativity.

3. We see these terrible things that go on in the world and feel helpless. It is quite easy to get consumed by negativity. If something troubling has happened, say a prayer, dedicate a meditation or pledge your support in any way you can. Give your best to let it go. Send your love and prayers to those who need it, however, do not let it consume your life.

4. It is easy to believe that the world is unfair, it is also important to remember that each one of us can promote positivity. When you are positive, shining influence in even your smallest community, you create a ripple of positivity. Be a shining light in the world.


Article originally published in FressPressJournal


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