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How Spirituality Evokes Positivity?

Article Originally Published in Free Press Journal

The subject of spirituality and positivity has become the most talked and discussed topic in the last few years. Increased awareness through social media has led people being more educated on the subject.

Why do we know so much about negative emotions? The problem is that negative emotions are all crucial for the survival of the individual. They are “all about me”, on the other hand, positive emotions free the self from the self. People feel both vengeance and forgiveness, however, the long term results of these two emotions are very different. Positive emotions are more expansive.

When the term spirituality is used, generally it suggests positive emotions. These emotions include love, hope, joy, forgiveness, compassion, trust, gratitude and awe. The most important fact about these emotions none of these are “all about me”. These are social emotions, they all help us to break the ego cage of “I and Mine”.

Focusing on spirituality and practising mindfulness are known for naturally increasing positivity in life. These acts may seem ambiguous to those who are unfamiliar with the terms. This may be due to the fact that they can have many different meanings to different people, which is why they are very personal to an individual’s journey.

Spiritual traditions such as prayer, meditation, yoga, and journaling are meant to nourish the soul and allow time for self-reflection. Mindfulness is becoming more consciously aware of your thoughts and emotions in the present moment. Spirituality helps an individual to reconnect with oneself with their own being and revive the inner light is good. Refocusing the attention to inner self has the ability to positively transform the physical body. Using nothing more than your breath and focus, meditation has shown to greatly reduce stress. Research has proven several times that spirituality helps ill patients cope better with stress and improves their quality of life.

Adapting intentional spiritual practices that benefit the mind, body and soul will naturally allow positivity to find you and influence your life. The positive outcomes will spill over onto those who surround you, creating a waterfall effect on all aspects of your life. Welcome and embrace spirituality, and mindfulness into everyday routine — at work, and at home. Every movement, encounter, and thought is an opportunity to intentionally be positive in the present moment.



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