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Finding motivation at work using the spiritual lens.

Article originally published in Free Press Journal.

How do you motivate yourself when things are not working out as per your plan at work? You just don’t feel like coming to work. Most likely, you are not motivated enough to work and contribute.

Below tips may help you, however, this would support you in getting the routine tasks out of way and may bring back the excitement and energy required for accomplishing bigger tasks.

  • Get the small, simplest, non-tiring tasks out of your list, it helps you see yourself moving forward and put you in motion to achieve higher, more complicated tasks.

  • You may start something which is close to your heart. It gives you the motivation to keep moving.

  • You may prioritize all the tasks and start completing them one by one as per the priority. This helps you in finishing the tasks with high importance.

You may decide to alter the lens and change your perspective. It helps you to refocus with purpose. The lens you use to see the world around you depends fully upon you. Looking through the spiritual lens offers exciting opportunities to you to learn, unlearn, relearn, forgive, forget, sharing, receiving with gratitude etc.

You as a spiritual being you may look for something meaningful to do, say and contribute each and every moment in life. Use your spiritual lens which may help you come out of the lack of motivation in your routine life. Brighten others to get the self-motivation. You may choose any or all of the tips mentioned below:

  • Look around you at your workplace, send a smile to someone who needs motivation more than you need.

  • Listen to others compassionately, suspend all the judgement.

  • Share some good video, motivating quotes with people at the workplace. It inspires others and motivates you to keep doing good, including finishing your own tasks in time.

  • Remember your strengths and how have you used the same in the past to overcome a low phase in life.

  • Keep repeating positive affirmations.

  • Be the source of positive energy for others, the positive energy radiated through you is received back multiple folds and brightens your day too.



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