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  • Writer's pictureDr. Rajesh Mohan Rai

Finding Inner Peace and Strengths

Article originally published in Free Press Journal

None of us are strangers to stress, depression, anxiety, which is why people are turning to seek inner peace. Inner peace is not something that one can turn on and then do it. Inner peace is a lifelong journey that necessitates a lifelong commitment for a state to be achieved and improved upon.

Inner peace is an internalized state of spiritual and mental peace and strength. When the noise in the head calms down and knots are untied, threads start coming apart. This allows one to see the space between the thoughts for the first time. Inner peace allows one to open the eyes inside the mind and realize how cramped everything is. With inner peace, one can notice what is causing the stress and the anxiety, it finally cleans the messy compartments made in the mind.

Achieving inner peace involves lot of “shedding”. Bad thoughts, behaviours and habits are shed which have been stopping oneself from feeling the sense of tranquillity. Though unknowingly, people enact a lot of self-destructive behaviours that stop them from achieving inner peace. Toxic habits sap mental strength and focus on the wrong things. This creates a feeling of imbalance, disquiet and inner conflict.

Small adjustments, if made in everyday behaviour, will improve the state of mind and overall quality of life. These are:

  • Striking balance by recognizing the consequences of your actions. Be accepting that sometimes there are issues beyond your control

  • The victim mentality traps your mind, convincing you that it is you Vs the rest of the world. This mindset makes you self-conscious, preventing you from experiencing the life freely

  • When you are constantly looking over your shoulder, wondering how others will respond to what you do or say, you will never fully embrace who you are and find peace with your decisions.

  • Holding a grudge is a form of self -consolation. You waste your mental energy for people who do not care about what you think of them. Resentments stop you from achieving inner peace. You are stuck in an isolated event. You are shielding yourself from new experiences and opportunities.

  • Perfection is another form of excess that must be shed. Inner peace is about being aware and accepting of your strengths and limitations. It is being comfortable in who you are right now and being patient in sculpting who you can become.

With too many distractions and uncertainties intruding our lives, inner peace is the most reliable self-sustaining process which can be used against the nuisances of the modern world. However, reaching the peak is just the first half of the process.



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